September Crop // Dress Shirring Tutorial

Shirring has become one of my favorite features to add to designs as a way to create comfortable snug fitting garments that are incredibly flattering!
Lucky for us, it's kinda fun and easy too!  
What you will need
September Crop Pattern and Tutorial
Elastic thread
womens sewing pattern and tutorial cali faye shirring
We recommend shirring a test piece of fabric before accomplishing shirring on your garment fabric.
Threading your machine - Thread your upper thread as you normally would.  You will need to replace your bobbin with elastic thread.
Wind your bobbin manually with elastic thread.  Give slight tension to the elastic thread as you wind, but careful not to engage the stretch as you go.
Afterwards place the bobbin into the bobbin case as you would with normal thread.
Shirring Tutorial Cali Faye Collection Sewing womens sewing patterns
Take note of the original length of the scrap fabric.  Aim for about 50% of stretch from shirring.  
Use a straight stitch with a length set between 2.4-3.5.  The longer the stitch length, the more fabric will be taken into the gather.  
The upper thread tension can be adjust4ed to achieve more or less stretch.  Start with a medium tension, around 4.  
Play with stitch length and tension to find what works best for you and your machine.
shirring sewing tutorial cali faye collection womens sewing pattern
Stitch with the right side of the fabric facing UP.  The elastic thread will be on the wrong side of the fabric.  
When starting a stitch, complete a small backstitch to keep thread secured.  
Stretch the fabric as you go.
womens sewing pattern cali faye shirring
If you run out of elastic thread in the middle of a stitch, tie off the stitch.  Refill the bobbin with elastic thread and begin sewing again with the first few stitches overlapping where the line previously ran out of thread.
Once you reach the end of the fabric length, pivot the fabric to sew along the edge.  Reduce the stitch length to around 1.4 (or whichever length reduces the elastics ability to stretch).  Stitch down the length of the edge 1 cm(½") then pivot to the new stitch path.  Reset your stitch length back to normal and continue sewing the next line of shirring.
womens sewing pattern and tutorial shirring cali faye
womens sewing pattern shirring tutorial cali faye
When you complete shirring down the length of the side bodice of the September Crop // Dress, don't forget to PRESS with an abundance of steam!  That'll shrink up those gathers reallllll nice!
before pressing
womens sewing pattern and tutorial cali faye
after pressing
women's sewing pattern and tutorial cali faye