Small Bust Adjustment - August Tank Dress

As with all Cali Faye designs, the August Tank.Dress was designed with the consideration of the US average woman cup size of B.  If your cup size is smaller than a B, you might want to consider accomplishing a Small Bust Adjustment for your August Tank.Dress.


This alteration is super easy.  Like.  Way too easy.  Let's get started.



Seriously, the hardest part about this will be finding your size lines when everything intersects.  Yes, I tried 100 layouts to make this easier, this made the most sense.  Trust me!
Once you've got your bodice pattern piece cut out, now we can chop it up!  
From the center point of the dart, cut a vertical line straight down to the hem of the bodice.
Then, cut out the dart to separate the pieces.



Keeping that vertical cut line between the pieces of the bodice parallel, overlap the pieces and secure with tape. For every cup size under B, you'll want to overlap  ½" .  Example, for an A cup adjustment, overlap ½".
The dart center point will now be placed at the intersection of the dart legs.


Fold the top dart leg to meet the bottom.  
Cut along the armscye while maintaining that dart fold. 
Cut away the excess paper and soften the armscye edge. 


When you unfold again, you'll have the most beautiful new dart and hopefully feel comfortable and secure in your new bodice!
Nice work!  
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out HERE.
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