Zipper Fly Tutorial

Our latest womens sewing pattern features on the more difficult aspects of garment construction for us at home makers.  If a front zip is something that has held you back from creating a skirt, or pair of jeans that you could see yourself being really happy and accomplished with....don't fret! 

Follow along with our visual High Street Skirt Zipper Tutorial!  Monkey see monkey do!

We'll start on Page 14 of our High Street Skirt tutorial!  If you haven't done so yet, go scoop up the High Street Skirt << HERE >>.
Fold the shorter edge of the fly shield 3cm from the right side to the wrong side.
Fold along the long side to match the long edges, WSF.  Neaten the long raw edges of the long side together. 
Apply a light-medium weight interfacing to the fly facing.
Neaten the long curved edge of the fly facing.
Neaten the zip projection on the right front skirt.
Join the fly facing to the left front skirt, RSF, with the long straight edge aligned to the center skirt and the curved edge pointing down to the hem. 
Turn the fly facing to the wrong side of the skirt and turn the seam line slightly in towards the skirt. Press in place.
Join the right skirt to the left skirt from the bottom of the fly facing to the hem. Neaten the seam allowance and press to the left.
Create a 1cm deep clip on the skirt center seam allowance just below the zipper facing.
Lay front skirt flat. Topstitch from the waistline to the hem 3 mm from the center line seam line on the left skirt.

Match the zip tape to the zipper tape projection on the right skirt, zipper teeth down. Baste in place.
Join the fly shield to the zipper tape projection with the zipper tape sandwiched in betwen the layers,  The neatened seam edges should align. 
Turn the fly shield and zipper tape away from the zipper tape extension and press.  
Topstitch along the length of the zipper, on the zipper projection to zipper seam line, 3 mm from the fold.  
The left side of the front skirt may naturally already roll slightly to the left. In case it does not, roll the left side of the skirt over the center line seam just slightly until the seam line is not visible on the right side of the skirt.
Fold the fly shield out of the way of the next stitch.
Topstitch 3 mm from the waistline to the hemline along the center seam line. This stitch will travel through the left side skirt and the fly facing.
Fold the skirt right sides facing. unfold the fly facing away from the skirt. 
Consider using your zipper foot for any stitch lines which will travel along the zip tape.
Join the zip tape to the fly facing along its length with two stitches where it naturally falls.
Lay the front skirt flat.  Fold the fly shield back to lay on the inside of the skirt. Secure in place with pins.  
Using taylor’s chalk, outline the path of the fly shield on the right side of the skirt.
On the right side of the skirt, topstitch along the outlined path. This stitch should travel along the same line and curvature of the fly shield. Apply a second topstitch 3 mm from the previous top stitch.
To secure the fly shield in place, Apply tack stitches to the base of the fly facing curve stitches and just at the top of the curvature.

Nailed it!  Good luck in all your sewing endeavors!  And just remember, you won't ever move forward in your skillset if you avoid hard things!  
You can find the High Street Skirt << HERE >>